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Access to CONVIVE LIFE Final Session


The forthcoming September 24th at 9:00 CET, the CONVIVE LIFE Project will present, in an online Final Session, the experiences in restoration of estuarine protected areas while preserving the major uses of these spaces. The final session will be held at IHCantabria headquarters and will report on the latest results of the conservation actions implemented in the four estuaries to control the invasive species Baccharis halimifolia, to recover the tidal dynamics of reclaimed lands and to improve the water quality of the systems. Special emphasis is placed on the coexistence among users and the improvement of the conservation status of the habitats and species in the Natura 2000 sites.


This online session is the CONVIVE LIFE project completion and serves as a platform to disseminate the main results of the conservation actions carried out and to debate on the successes and failures in the decision process and the restoration finally implemented.


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